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What’s the point?

Most app updates improve one or two things but also move the place where the features are. What’s the point? Some don’t even improve anything, they just transform the interface forcing users to spend time finding stuff in the program and getting used to it. Again, what’s the point? There’s no point! This strategy is usually applied to apps backed by big company names… But is it a strategy or an agenda? Wouldn’t be fair just to give people tools that are solid and reliable (and functional) and let them be the ones that evolve? For the good of the entire raze! Obviously there’s no interest in popular evolution, just in the particular evolution and this will bring as a consequence an evolutionary splitting, exactly like the one that happened millions of years ago between the monkeys and the humanoids: THEY, just sons of the natural evolution, and THE REST OF US, the fruit of the controlled no-evolution.

Gear review in the times of Internet.

Dear guitar pedal reviewers: when making a demo of stereo effects make sure to record them in STEREO. There isn’t a single demo of the Ibanez SC 10 (the vintage stereo chorus) that uses the two outputs of the pedal. I understand, you probably are thinking in doubled cables, amplifiers, speakers… The truth is that can also be made with amp simulation that’s widely available from many plugin designer’s websites.
Heck, I would do it myself but I don’t have the distinguished pedal.